doob offers you lifelike, beautifully colored and detailed 3D figurines and avatars.

It all starts with a scanning process of yourself, your loved ones or pets lasting

a fraction of a second,

at one of our stores.

Make yourself immortal

Your 3D figurines will be shipped to your home, while your avatars will be available for downloading or direct sharing.

Make an appointment in one of our stores and get ready!

Need inspiration?

Wedding, pregnancy, children and family, beloved pets, birthdays and parties, Christmas and Holidays, promotion, love and friendship.

There are multiple reasons for getting 3D figurines. Scroll on down!

For the big and small

As a present or a treat for yourself:

doob figurines of all sizes are instant eye-catchers.

Get your voucher and offer something unique.

10 cm
€ 125
Our smallest figurine is the most beautiful keepsake for a friend.
15 cm
€ 200
This version easily highlights any desk.
20 cm
€ 275
Photo was yesterday: this figurine makes for a fantastic addition to your parents’ shelf.
25 cm
€ 350
Our 25 cm figurine ensures the perfect surprise effect, for instance on Valentine’s Day.
30 cm
€ 445
This figurine is far more realistic than any photo: a professional photography lover cannot do without it.
35 cm
€ 550
Looking for something extraordinary? The 35 cm figurine lets every detail come to light.

Your avatar on key ring

A gift for those close to you: your avatar made of genuine stainless steel for a key ring or a pendant.

The fine pieces are available in 1.5 cm and 3 cm and delivered with a matching eyelet for your necklace, key ring or phone charm.

1,5 cm
€ 225

3,0 cm
€ 285

Your digital avatar

Unique as you are

Show how and what you feel. Be the star of your emojis instead of just a yellow circle. Let your avatar conquer the digital world, as it expresses your actual mindset and feelings on social media platforms and messenger apps. Reveal yourself to your fans, followers and friends as your real self.

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