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Your personal
metaverse avatar
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Welcome, Friend!

Social Avatars

A social avatar is your digital twin.

It can dance, laugh, fight, talk, and live in

VR environments.

There are countless possibilities for discovering the digital life within the metaverse.

Avatars are valuable and personal.

We protect them as NFTs within the blockchain.

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No comic or animal

No monster or robot

It is YOU!

Your lifelike,

digital twin,

​looking just like you

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Social Avatars

Business Avatars

doob’s business avatars support the development of various metaverse applications.


Digital applications that save time and money, avoid the need to travel, help protect the environment, and increase efficiency within teams.

VR meetings

   Avatar meetings are

  •   better than video calls

  •   cost & time saving

  •   flexible


   Avatar trainings are

  •   24/7 available

  •   cost & time saving

  •   highly efficient


   Avatar supported sales is

  •   time saving

  •   individual

  •   output-oriented

Client service

   Avatar client service is

  •   personal, individual

  •   24/7 available

  •   friendly & multilingual

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If your company is thinking about entering the metaverse


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Business Avatars

This is doob

doob is a 3D technology firm based in Germany.
We create digital personal avatars of real people.

doob was founded in 2013. Our first action was the development of our own cloud-connected high-quality 3D scanner.

Game Over scanner small.jpg
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Since then we scanned more than 50.000 people around the world. In hotels and clubs, in restaurants and stadiums, at events and exhibitions.

scanner m frau small.png

Besides happy customers and business clients the result is a fast growing AI-connected learning database that allows us to produce skilled high quality personal avatars in no time.

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This is doob

 the planet

If you use your avatar for business or private activities, you protect our environment!

If you use your avatar

you don't need a car, taxi or plane

you don't need to pay for hotels

you avoid traffic jams and security lines

you save a lot of time & money

By using
your personal avatar
you protect
our beautiful planet.

Love the planet

doob SE

Grafenberger Allee 337c

40235 Düsseldorf


phone: +49 211 388 581 0


Managing directors: Sebastian Böhm, Vladimir Puhalac

Chairman of the board: Prof. Dr. Frank Piller

District Court Berlin (Charlottenburg): HRB 248669 B

Ust-ID: DE294 365 905

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