doob group AG is a German technology company headquartered in Düsseldorf and further represented by a subsidiary in New York, USA. We offer customized, innovative B2C and B2B products and services in the 3D technology and 3D printing sectors. Our worldwide network of franchise partners is successfully operating doob)stores since 2016.

At those stores, customers can get scanned in our hightech 3D-scanner, the dooblicator, and purchase 3D printed figurines and jewelry.

Since opening the first doob)store, we have scanned more than 120,000 people and let them celebrate their modern 3D selfies.

Our franchise concept offers an opportunity to share the success of new 3D technologies by investing in the future of a quickly expanding business. As a franchise partner you will benefit from our broad experience in a dynamic and forward-looking market.

Please feel free to contact us for an initial exchange of information.


How it works

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Choice of Products

Customers are getting scanned and start buying their 3D figurines at the doob)stores. Our customer consultants offer expert advice to help customers choose the nicest scanning positions and 3D product sizes.

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3D Scanning

The scanning process itself takes less than a second and allows a detailed, high-quality capture of the subject’s position and movements – including children and pets.

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3D Modelling

Once the scan data is automatically processed to our doob)labs, production of complex 3D models is ready to start.

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3D Printing

The 3D models of our customers are printed in one of our printing facilities, in Düsseldorf or New York.

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Upon completion of a quality check the figurines may be shipped worldwide.

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Franchise Concept

The main focus of our doob franchising concept is to build successful, growing businesses.

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The wide range of state-of-the-art technology provided by doob includes our high-tech 3D scanner, scanning software "doobia", order software "doob business

solutions (dbs)" and a solid workflow for store operations, which have stood the test of time all over the world.

Versatile marketing and advertising materials support our partners for quick business development. As a doob franchisee, you will receive the following marketing and operation tools:

  • doob corporate design package

  • doob franchise manual

  • corporate wear guide

  • store interior design guide

  • store window advertising guide

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Internationally well-known Designer Michael Michalsky is our creative director and has been honoured with multiple design awards.

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Franchise - FAQ

Wie schnell kann ich einen doob)store eröffnen? Wie lange dauert der Prozess?

Von der ersten Anfrage bis zur Eröffnung eines doob)stores vergehen mehrere Monate. Der Zeitraum ist von einer Vielzahl von Faktoren abhängig.

Welche Aufgaben hat der Franchisenehmer im Rahmen der Kooperation?

Der Franchisenehmer leistet die Anfangsinvestition in sechsstelliger Höhe (€), stellt eine Location mit High-Speed-Internetverbindung, betreibt den Store mit seinen Mitarbeitern und ist verantwortlich für lokale Werbe- und PR-Maßnahmen des doob)stores.

Was bringt doob in die Partnerschaft ein?

doob liefert ein Business-Modell, die 3D-Technologie und profundes Know-how; die Marke, CI/CD Materialien (Musterfiguren) und Store Design, natürlich den 3D-Scanner (dooblicator) inklusive anfänglichen Test- und Trainingsmaßnahmen sowie das 3D-Modelling und den 3D-Druck. Darüber hinaus unterstützt doob seine Partner durch übergreifende Markenwerbung und gibt potentiell individuellen Support.

Wie sieht der typische Workflow aus?

  • doob)store (Franchisennehmer) führt die Scans durch und nimmt Kundenzahlungen ein.
  • doob)store übermittelt die 3D-Daten an doob.
  • doob (Franchisegeber) übernimmt 3D-Modelling und 3D-Druck und sendet fertige Figuren an den Store.
  • doob)store übergibt die Figuren an seine Kunden.

Wie geht es nach Vertragsabschluss und Vorauszahlung weiter?

Schritt 1: Planung des Stores nach Grundriss (Ladeneinrichtung, Marketing etc.) Schritt 2: Restzahlung, Aufbau und Test des Scanners, Trainingsmaßnahmen Schritt 3: Eröffnung des doob)stores

Welche laufenden Kosten müssen berücksichtigt werden?

Der Betrieb des doob)stores erfolgt eigenständig durch den Franchisenehmer. Durch doob werden in erster Linie monatliche Kosten für 3D-Modelling und 3D-Print in Rechnung gestellt.

Franchise - FAQ

How soon can I open a doob)store? How long does the process take?

From first inquiry to opening a doob)store, the process takes several months, all depending on a number of factors.

What does the franchisee need to do in the context of cooperation?

The Franchisee raises capital in a six-digit scale (€), provides a location with high-speed internet connection, runs the doob store with his staff and is responsible for local doob store advertisement and PR.

How does doob contribute to a partnership?

doob offers a business-model, 3D technology and profound know-how. Further doob provides branding and CI/CD materials (display pieces, figurines) and a store design, of course the 3D scanner (dooblicator) including initial tests and training sessions as well as 3D modeling and 3D printing. doob takes care of overall brand advertising and can potentially give individual support.

What are the typical workflows look like?

  • doob)store (franchisee) does the scanning and receives the customer payments
  • doob)store transfers the data to doob
  • doob (franchisor) is responsible for 3D modeling and 3D printing and ships printed figurines to the store
  • doob store provides the figurines to the customers

How is the process after contract signature and completion of down payment?

Step 1: getting a floor plan and planning shop (furnishing, marketing etc.)

Step 2: rest of the payment, scanner assembly and staff training by doob

Step 3: grand opening of the doob)store

Which monthly costs have to be considered?

On top of your independent store management, main expenses are monthly costs for 3D modelling and 3D printing.


As a doob franchisee you should meet the following criteria:


  • entrepreneurship

  • financial resources

  • reliability

  • commercial know-how

  • team player

  • ideally existing knowledge in 3D technology

  • understanding of local market

  • sales talent

  • familiar with customer contact

  • marketing ideas and know-how

Infrastructure doob)store

  • attractive urban location

  • store area min. 50 – 80 m²

  • high-speed internet connection

  • two fulltime employees for your doob store



We thank you for your interest in doob and in our franchise concept. To enable a first contact, please fill in the form below. The information provided within this sheet will be handled strictly confidentially. Thank you very much.


François Riopel-Gewelt

doob Manager of International Business Relations

email: f.gewelt@doob.eu

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Reason for contacting us

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